Design and development custom software & websites. MS-Access, .Net, SQL-Server, MySQL, PHP and Java.

Friendly Solutions
for Your Computer Environment
In today’s digital landscape, both individuals and businesses seek quick, dependable, and flexible services tailored to their specific requirements. I provide a wide range of IT solutions designed to address your personal and professional needs.

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I’ve been working in IT since 1994, an era when computers were big boxes and floppy disks served as data storage. Since those early days, I have consistently honed my abilities to keep pace with changes in the IT sphere and learned a lot about different IT services. I enjoy taking on new challenges with each project that comes my way.
I've worked for all kinds of clients, from regular people to small businesses to big international companies. They all value my dependability, customer-centric approach, and friendly service.
I offer my services at your place of business, in a residential setting, or through remote channels, all on a flexible timetable and at cost-effective rates.

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I provide a diverse selection of IT services that cater to your distinct business and personal requirements. These services include programming, maintenance, network management, and training.

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I view each project as a fresh opportunity to meet my client's needs by creating a quick, customized, and adaptable solution. I have successfully completed many projects, taking on roles such as a programmer, technician, system administrator, and trainer.

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You can find reviews from my clients discussing my work here.